John Montes is an exciting musician from California with a heart to serve God through

music.  John’s vision with his music is to bring salvation, deliverance, and healing to the

listener.  His music is God inspired and appeals to people of all ages and walks of life.


John started playing music in 2002 at the age of 14.  At 15 John was already playing in

San Francisco and around the valley and foothills at bars and music venues.  He fell in love

with performing and was sure he had found his calling.  After playing well over 1,000 gigs

with several bands at spots including Slim’s San Francisco, BB King’s Los Angeles, Fremont

Street in Las Vegas, among many others, John was still feeling a void in his life.


In November of 2011 that void got filled.  John was introduced to the word of God by Joe

and Jeanette Evans and his parents.  This was just what John had been searching for!!

God began inspiring John to write songs and John heeded that call.  Since, he has been

writing and playing this God inspired music around California at fellowships and events.

John said, “I’ve never been happier playing music.”  He added, “it’s the most wonderful

feeling to see God blessing and delivering people while I sing.”  “Now I know what all

those years of practice and learning to play was for!”  John is also involved in running

youth based Christian fellowships in and around California’s central valley.


December 12th, 2015 John’s debut album “Something To Believe” was self released.  John

is currently forming a band to play his brand of God inspired music.  Stay tuned for lots of

exciting news and new music…